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We know your group morale is essential to achieving company goals. As experienced corporate speakers we inspire your audience to reach higher and achieve more.

We Speak To Convey a Specific Set of Skills

When your audience needs to learn skills for better efficiency and an improved bottom line, it is often the biggest reason to bring in an outside speaker. Whether it’s improved leadership skills, learning about a specific type of marketing tactic, improving specific sales techniques, how to promote your businesses, work-life balance for partners (Like Sharyn and Hank are), or handling information overload from social media, an experienced motivational speaker can impart practical information that helps a team grow their skills and has a positive effect on business.

We Speak To Bring Energy and Excitement to Your Meeting or Event

A good motivational speaker not only educates, but also entertains a group. Using humor, real-life examples and audience interaction, as speakers, Hank and Sharyn lift the energy and excitement of a meeting, day of training or corporate event. This makes for a more positive experience for the group members and contributes to lasting learning.


To Inspire and Reward

Your group morale is essential to achieving company goals and as experienced corporate speakers we inspire your audience to reach higher and achieve more. Your employees will feel rewarded and valued, which drives innovation, productivity and sales.

We have honed the ability to fine-tune our presentations to your organization’s goals.

Entertaining and inspiring your crowd are just the start of the responsibilities of a motivational speaker. We know the exact intention for the event.  Is it for corporate entertainment?  Is it to educate your attendees on effective communication skills? Is it about new policy changes implemented at your workplace? Each of these situations comes with a unique set of challenges, as your audiences are in entirely different mindsets when attending them. As speakers, we are able to mold our material to suit your goals.

We are able the meet Your company’s needs.

Companies have extensive requirements for their keynote speakers. We have a reputation for researching the corporate culture before we show up. As expert speakers, we analyze employees, investigate the causes of their strengths and weaknesses, and modify the presentation to fit the organization’s needs. All in all, as your right speakers, we know exactly how to re-enforce a healthier, more dynamic and cohesive workplace.

You’ve been to presentations that were mostly full of “rah rah” fluff.  You may have felt extremely excited and energized while sitting in the audience, only to find that later you haven’t walked away with any concrete ideas on how to create meaningful change. In fact, these sorts of presentations have grown even more ubiquitous after the release of The Secret. Rehashes of “the power of positive thinking” and Think and Grow Rich abound.

Here’s a secret: if you want to hire a motivational speaker who is worth the investment, you need to stop looking for a “motivational speaker.” There simply isn’t really such thing as a “motivational speaker” per se. You’re paying to give your audience the benefit of this speaker’s leadership. Thus, you need to set out to hire a leader with public speaking skills, rather than setting out to hire a speaker.  When you hire Hank and Sharyn Yuloff, you have found the exact couple to bring your business event to a new level of success.



Some of Hank & Sharyn’s Speaking Topics

A Business’ Guide to Social Media – The Latest in What’s Going on and How to Use it to Increase Your Sales

Most people spend lots of time playing on social media each week. And they have fun. But it does NOTHING for their business. In this workshop, you will learn the basics of social media for business, leading up to some of the more advanced methods of using platforms like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest to generate sales in your business. Come get answers to any of the questions you have always wanted to ask, like “How do I block those turkeys from high school from finding me?” (pictures of your lunch not included)

Your Silly Simple Marketing System

Whether your business is existing, new, or pre-launch, there are certain ways to prepare to your business for success. Hank and Sharyn share them with your audience in an easy and entertaining manner. This presentation is available in 20 minute to 90 minute versions. It is created for expansion to your window of availability.

The Basic 10

Every business owner has the same marketing questions: “Where do I start?” and “Am I using the right tactics?”  Getting to the core of effective marketing, Hank and Sharyn Yuloff give every attendee The Basic 10 methods they can utilize to improve their sales.  Beginning with demographic targeting we all need to do in order to better serve our most desired (and profitable) client base, the Yuloffs share how to easily improve the marketing path each entrepreneur travels.

10 Ways to Market Your Business Without Leaving Your Office

Hank and Sharyn Yuloff’s high-energy and informative Keynote presentation features 10 ways to market a business without going to networking meetings.  Its purpose is not to go against networking, but how to not overly rely on it to generate new business.  This Keynote can be up to 90 minutes, and is perfect for business owners and entrepreneurs. Chambers of Commerce, Networking Groups and the like, will also benefit from this seminar topic.

20 Ways You Can Have Fun While Promoting Your Business

Hank and Sharyn Yuloff’s high-energy and informative Keynote presentation features 20 ways to have fun while marketing your business. Its purpose is to turn an eye toward using humor and fun to increase your sales.  This Keynote can be up to 90 minutes, perfect for business owners and entrepreneurs. Chambers of Commerce, Networking Groups and the like, will also benefit from this seminar topic.

23 (Mostly) Inexpensive Ways to Market Your Company

Hank and Sharyn Yuloff’s high energy and informative Keynote presentation features 23 ways that businesses can market and promote their business using inexpensive methods most companies don’t think about. This Keynote can be up to 90 minutes.

The Marketing Checklist

You started your business because you have an expertise in your field.  You were most likely trained to DO what you do, but probably not trained to MARKET what you do.  Hank and Sharyn Yuloff’s 90 minute Keynote presentation will begin to take business owners down “The Marketing Checklist,” based on The Yuloffs’ two Amazon best-selling books.  Come join us for some marketing strategies you may not have thought of and get questions answered on some of the things you are currently doing.

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