“Get On the Front Page of Google for $499” and other Black Hat SEO Liars

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How to do search engine optimization
Black Hat SEO raised its ugly head again the other day. There are right ways to do Search Engine Optimization and wrong ways. Black Hat SEO can hurt you a lot more than doing it right can help. Here’s what happened this time.

I got a call today from one of our private coaching clients. He said that he has been bombarded by calls today from a company saying they can get him “front page of Google” etc.
As his marketing department, I called back, got “Mathew” on the phone and asked “HOW?”
“Search Engine Optimization,” he said.
“Really? How?”
“Well, key words, and optimizing and back links and blah blah blah blah.”
He threw a bunch of terms designed to confuse and obfuscate but that one stuck with me: “BACK LINKS.”
I asked him from where are those links coming…
“That is proprietary…”
Huh…. Back links should be coming from TRUSTED websites, for honest purposes (They quote your blog, or you theirs, etc).
I pointed out that if he cannot tell me how is going to give back links to my client, he is probably doing some BLACK HAT SEO stuff which would hurt my customer and his only response was “well, I guess we cannot work together.” Click.
Wow… he sure knows what the term BLACK HAT means.
Black Hat SEO is when someone does not follow the rules set up by Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines designed to create a level playing field. Black Hat SEO back links would just be putting links to your website in lots of places, like other websites blog comments which have nothing to do with their blog post, but your web URL is read by the search engines and gives you credit. It’s being a bad guy.
If there is BLACK HAT SEO, then there must be WHITE HAT SEO, too, right? Yes.
In a couple of paragraphs, I am going to give you an example of White Hat SEO when I tell you to get more information at our blog. I will be creating links that take you to somewhere else for more relevant information.

Are there WHITE HAT SEO providers? YES! Those are the ones who can show you a list of lots of clients who when you call them are deliriously happy.

So how DO you get better search engine optimization? Here are a couple of examples:
– Make sure your website’s title pages (up there, top left) above where you are reading the URL) are filled with key words instead of CONTACT US, BLOG, SERVICES. When someone searches for Marketing Help in Los Angeles, that is what they are typing in to key searches, not “Yuloff Creative Marketing Solutions CONTACT US.” You would be amazed at how many web developers inadvertently hurt their clients by doing that.
– Make sure your website is mobile friendly so that when people look at your site from their portable devices, it is easy to read (and, for example, your phone number shows up as a clickable link, instantly dialing your number). This is VERY important, especially after April of 2015.
– Update your website frequently by blogging. This allows you to demonstrate your expertise in your field.
– Register your website with all the large search engines (do a Google search for a list of them… wink wink).
– Gather LOTS of Social Proof in the form of video testimonials. Third party validation is one of the most important things you will ever gather in order to promote your small business.
For a lot more tips, check out our blog! You can find it at on our blog.
(SEE WHAT I DID? I just sent two back links to two of this website’s inside pages – those are the best to get, and both will give you some good information on building your business)

SO, the main point of this blog post is: ATTENTION BUSINESS OWNERS: When you get calls for SEO promising that for $499 a month they can put you on the front page
Want to get some SEO done right?

SEO Magnetically attracts new clientsLet me give you two reasons to take your Search Engine Optimization seriously. The first is very simple: you want to magnetically attract a lot more clients. Next, Google, and all the other search engines are attempting to sell ads, right? And in order to do that, they need to sell a product that includes a level playing field. In other words, they want the people who use their search engines to have a great experience so that they come back and use their service again. What that means for you is that you need to feel that you are getting a square deal and not being taken advantage of so that you will buy ads. If the search engines make deals and provide some companies with a better chance, you won’t buy ads and their bottom line suffers. Can you buy enough ads to make the playing field uneven? Well, yes, you can. That is why you want to make your ‘on page search engine optimization’ better. Basically that means you are using the terms that your target audience would type in to the Google Machine to find you in your blogs. In other words, if I think that people will type in “How To Do My Own Search Engine Optimization” it would be a good idea for me to write a blog about it. Like this one. We will also be adding a blog that goes further into detail on that subject. When that happens, I will come back and add an internal link from that last sentence directly to that blog. Does that make better sense? I sure hope so.
To help you fight Black Hat SEO, we would like to offer you a Free Marketing Consultation. Most small business owners that take advantage of this conversation report back to us that this success call was worth at least $10,000 in increased sales and savings to their bottom line. Let’s begin our conversation by increasing your profits. Go now to www.FreeMarketingConsultation.com. You can also call us at (800)705-4265.

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