The Best Speaker Training Event Ever!

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Did you miss us last week while we were immersed in Speaker Training?

(if you know how to turn our video, please let us know!)

Did you catch Tuesday’s radio show?

We spent the first half of the show recapping our adventures with Evolution Seminars.

Are you a speaker?

Do you want to know how to ensure that your audience feels exactly what you want them to feel?

We can’t recommend Matt Brauning’s speaker training enough!

We were broken up into “pods” of 5 plus a trainer, and that’s where we spent most of our 6, 12-hour days.

First we could only stand still…to break us of the habit of talking with our hands and pacing.

Gradually, we got our ability to speak, but only specific phrases.

Then we got our hands back, but only specific motions.

Next we were allowed to walk, but only in specific ways.

Lastly, we were allowed to add back our content and an offer.

All of this, while learning the basics of NLP (neurolynguistic programming).

The most fun part of the week was graduation.

We got to share just one of the 5 stories we had been practicing all week, but only the opening (check out our videos above). The 30 remaining students all paraded across stage, one at a time, sharing just the opening 2 minutes of their story. After all 30 had shared, all 30 paraded back across the stage, in the same order, sharing the closing 15 seconds of their story. It was so much fun!

Here are our closing videos:

Speaking of closing…we closed out the radio show learning more about Wil Bowers‘ career as actor and Legal Shield independant associate.

How often do you reach out to your lawyer? We use our Legal Shield membership regularly. In fact, we’ll probably be calling them tomorrow to advise us on a contract! We even dropped a competing ID theft protection contract to sign up with theirs (Legal Shield has a great comparison chart that totally swayed us).

What if your doctor was recommending a surgery, like removing your appendix, but your health records erroneously said you already had it removed? Most of us think of identity theft only regarding our credit. However, we’ve learned that our health records are now more often stolen than credit. Amazing, isn’t it?!?

BTW, if you decide to sign up for Legal Shield using the links in this post, we and Wil will earn a commission.

Ready to hear all about our speaker training and our friend Wil? Here again is the link to Tuesday’s Radio Show!

Oh yeah…would you like the end of those stories? Here you go:

(ah…got it right that time!)
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