Are you a grinch?

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Grinch Jokes:

Q: Why doesn’t the Grinch like knock knock jokes?
A: Because there’s always Who’s there!

Q: Why did the Grinch want to go down the chimney?
A: Because it sooted him

Q: What is the Grinch’s least favourite band?
A: The Who

Q: Why was the Grinch afraid of Santa Claus?
A: He was Claustrophobic.

Q: Where does the Grinch keep his money?
A: In a snow bank.

Q: What is the Grinch’s favourite board game?
A: Mean-opoly.

Feeling like a grinch this Christmas because of
moneh worries?

Then get your anti-grinch method here

(anti-grinch: A method to increase your sales
with this unique fresh method so you have extra
coins in your pocket, which makes you less stressed
and less miserable about this festive period)

When we receive your receipt, we will also email you this very, non-grinch-y Bonus Package:

FIRST – You get a free copy of our  best-selling book: The Marketing Checklist for Sales, a best seller on Amazon. (valued at $15)

SECOND – You get a free copy of our bestselling social media book, The Hows and Whys of Social Media (valued at $15)

THIRD – You get a free seat to participate in a LIVE, virtual, Mastermind Day in a small group setting where you will experience breakthroughs via a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. (valued at $1,997)

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FIFTH – Once you attend the Small Business Breakthrough Bootcamp, you also get a free 30-minute Focus Your Success call. Everyone always gets at least 1 breakthrough which immediately improves their business. (valued at $997)

SIXTH – You get to appear on our brand new VIEWCAST.  The Marketing Checklist ViewCast is the evolution of our podcast.  It’s all video. It’s all about you. It’s just 7 minutes and 21 seconds so that your target audience will watch all of it. You will be able to send it out to potential clients and it will efficiently and easily tell your story.  And it’s fun! (valued at $497)

SEVENTH – You get FREE SHIPPING on ANY promotional product order you place between today and December 31, 2021. (Unlimited Value, includes specials and closeouts!)

You get all that. FREE (for Boxing Day, now week).

NOW… onto that really great, deeply discounted, non-grinch-y online tool to build your business just in time for 2022:

Your virtual Small Business Marketing Plan with video, an Action Guide, a private Facebook group and weekly mastermind office hour call with us so you are never left with an unanswered business question. Your investment for this product is usually $1,297.


NOW through New Year’s Day (January 01, 2022), you can grab your copy for just $297.

YOU SAVE $1,000 on your marketing program for next year. That’s a 77% savings!

Another bonus when you invest in The Small Business Marketing Plan now is that even though the price is reduced, none of the service is. You can even gift a copy to the Non-Profit of your choice (a few restrictions apply…all the info is on the site).

And ANOTHER bonus of investing now in The Small Business Marketing Plan is that even though the price is reduced, you still get the complete guarantee (full details on the website). Test drive it and we know your business will be rockin’ it in 2022!

And, if you like what you see as much as we think you will, you can also enroll as an affiliate, share your link and earn all of your investment back. When just one other successful entrepreneur invests in The Small Business Marketing Plan at the regular price- you earn $300!

NEW BONUS: Every entrepreneur who invests in this is automatically entered into a drawing for a FREE 4-HOUR GET FOCUSED SESSION where we will think for you, work for you, create for you and figure it all out for you. We’ll fix your mistakes (if any) and re-set your marketing course for immediate results. You’ll get answers to your questions that are holding you back from making a big breakthrough:
* Where should you start?
* What’s wrong with your online footprint (website and social media)?
* Who are your ideal clients that bring you the fastest results?

Wishing you a profitable and prosperous 2022!

Yes, I want this Boxing Day Special 

Make sure you email us your receipt so we can email you all your free bonus gifts as well as claim your entry in our 2-On-You Focus Session:

Hank & Sharyn – Yuloff Creative
Phone: (800) 705-4265

PS    We’ll be announcing the contest winner at the end of the sale via email, so make sure to check your inbox!

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