30 Days to Build Your Facebook Business Page

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30 Day Facebook Challenge

A few weeks ago, at the beginning of our radio show The Marketing Checklist, I talked about this pdf I found by one of the tools we use that provided 30 steps to build a thriving facebook business page, and Hank suggested I share it with our blog readers.

So, here you go.

The writers at SetYourOwnStatus.com provide a 30 Day Facebook (business page) Challenge.
(full disclosure: this is our affiliate link, so, if you choose to sign up for this service, we might make a few dollars).

After reviewing the Table of Contents, I surmise that it can be done in far less time because many of these steps shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes so you can double up.

Here are the 30 steps:

  1. Build your bio (short, yet unique)
  2. Write a memorable tag line
  3. Create a branded cover photo (there are inexpensive tools to help you do this)
  4. Add a Call to Action to your page (facebook makes this pretty easy)
  5. Spice up your page with video
  6. Share relevant content
  7. Invite friends (but, as is our advice, only if they are your target market)
  8. Plan posts to boost engagement
  9. Find other people’s content to share
  10. Add your own content (at least once a day)
  11. Add a Call to Action to your posts (not the same one each time)
  12. Join facebook groups (ones where your target market is participating)
  13. Analyze your facebook insights (regularly)
  14. Stay involved on a daily basis
  15. Build rapport with relevant pages
  16. Cross promote your page
  17. Stay consistent
  18. Add the facebook page plug in
  19. Add facebook to your email
  20. Create a contest or incentive
  21. Network like a champ
  22. Post fun content
  23. Brand your business
  24. Keep your content fresh
  25. Use visual marketing
  26. Boost your posts…wisely
  27. Use testimonials
  28. Be diverse
  29. Repurpose your current content
  30. Analyze, adjust and refresh your strategy (regularly)

Want the full 74 page pdf?

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