26 Ways to Repurpose Your Content and Increase Your Sales (includes a video)

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Creating content is one of the three best ways to build your business. It’s the only one of those three that takes the time you invest in it and can give you a 25-fold return on your investment. That is an amazing Return on Your Investment. How does that happen? All you have to do is repurpose your content into other forms, both in writing and as videos.

Repurposing Your CONTENT SEMINARWe tell our private coaching clients all the time that when they have gone through the trouble to create content, you should be proud of yourself. Most of your competitors are not creating content.” We remind them that there is an old saying that “You will get paid for doing those things that others are not willing to do.”

But being proud of yourself is not a means to an end. When you repurpose your content it will increase your audience and readership by sharing that your content to as many places on this list as possible. That second chance might lead to your first chance to gain a new client.

repurpose your content social media post exampleHere are two caveats: If you are already a content creator, as you go through this list you may want to repurpose your content by jumping right into using all of them. We suggest you take a one or two and get focused on them before getting into all of them. If you are not yet a content creator, we hope that this will allow you to see all the reasons you should begin to use content as a way to promote your business.

Before we get into the HOW to repurpose your content, here are four reasons WHY repurposing Helps:

The first reason to repurpose your content is the thing to do is that it improves your Search Engine Optimization as people look for what you wrote about. When you have tagged your content properly, it can allow the search engines to match the searcher with you and your business.

The second reason to repurpose your content is that it helps you reach customers when and how they want to be reached. You have your content. You post it. You properly tag it. They type your tag into the search engine, and you are delivered to them.
Next, when you repurpose your content, it increases the impact and the retention of your message.
Lastly, when you repurpose your content, it allows you to quickly test which content types your audience prefers.

Let’s go through 25 ways that you can use to repurpose your content and generate more interest in what you do, and through that process, increase your sales.

Content for your podcast. On a weekly basis, we pulled material from our blogs as segments on The Marketing Checklist podcast. We also turned segments originally written for the podcase INTO blogs
repurpose your content via podcast

Content that you offer to other podcasters by being their guest on the topic. Having several topics that you can offer podcasters makes it easier to get booked.

After you have been on that podcast, create a transcript of your segment. This becomes a second blog on the original topic. As you read lower, you will see why this is Content Creation Gold.

A guest blog on another company’s website. Our networking group has a blog and we tell our members that we will repurpose your content by publishing their blogs on the group’s website.

Your segment in someone else’s webinar or summit. We were recently invited to share a 20-minute segment on the Authority Marketing Summit and spoke only about Public Relations. I want back to a blog I wrote years ago for our bullet points, and updated them. If you plan your presentation correctly, you are able to add several ‘boomerangs’ which brings the listeners to your website and landing pages.
Yuloff Creative logo image repurposed on social media

Social media posts: TEXT (a sentence or two with a link back to your blog). This is a ‘boomerang’ post to get people to your site. We do this on our Facebook page (FB.com/YuloffCreative) Adding the entire blog is not the way to share your brilliance because we want to get people to your website instead of lingering on your social media pages, where there are competitors lurking.

Social media posts: VISUALS, information Pinterest (hey, go like our page, OK?) is an entirely visual medium. Take your bullet points and turn them into an infographic. Or create a separate meme for each point. By the way, if Pinterest ever disappears, we would have to update this blog. This leads us to the next bullet point.

Social media posts: VISUALS, Quotes A Take a quote from your posts to your photo and turn it into a visual post for all of your social media profiles.

Social Media posts: VISUALS, Quotes B Put several quotes on one meme to share for all your social media profiles.

Updating your past blogs, your past content. Updating your past blogs allows you to think of new content to add to that blog. This gives you more SEO credit (see our blogs about SEO to see why). I recently began updating our past blogs and have added an average of 250 words to each blog. Longer blogs are better for your SEO than short blogs. This will also bring you to another SEO improvement…

Add links, forward links, from past content to newer content on the same subject. Google loves internal links. From Google’s point of view, it rewards the people who use their search engine with even more information than they expected to get when they used the search. By the Google way of thinking, if the search result over delivered to the user, that person will come back and use Google again. And that gives Google advertisers more exposure. And THAT gives Google a chance to sell more advertising. It all comes back to advertising! Google very much wants you to repurpose your content.

Here is an example of using an internal link in the middle of one of your blogs:

It becomes the content for a video on your YouTube channel. There are ways to make this more effective, focusing on the proper tagging and description that you include with your video.
The Marketing Checklist for Sales book cover repurposed blog content

A chapter in your book. Roughly 70% of the chapters in our books began their lifetime as blogs. When you are blogging, you have multiple ways to repurpose your content, and writing books is one of the most profitable. When we add them as a chapter, it takes less time to rework the blog than write the chapter from scratch. It is how we were able to get The Marketing Checklist for Sales 49 Easy Ways to Improve Your Sales for Professionals Who Don’t Like Selling ready for editing and publication in less than a fortnight.

– Have you written three or more blogs about one topic? You now have an E-book on the subject. Every book you write takes a big step forward towards being seen as an expert on the subject.

Create different levels of content, Part 1. Your potential clients are going to come to you with three expertise levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. You can take ANY of your blogs and TRIPLE the amount of content you get on the subject by creating these levels. We have done this with our social media webinars. We have a beginner, an advanced and a hands-off level where we give our watcher just enough information to hire someone to do it for them.

Create different levels of content, Part 2. Take the above tip and create a content upgrade. A content Upgrade is in-depth dive into the shared information that takes your reader to the next level — and that you share in exchange for an email address.

Create different levels of content, Part 3. Take the above tip and create a content upgrade for your podcast. In this case you are taking the listeners of your podcast to the next level — and that you share in exchange for an email address. You will need to get them to a landing page prepared for this broadcast.

A Free Report used as an Opt In for your website. Even your most rabid fans (ok, maybe your most rabid ones) are not all that interested in signing up for your ‘newsletter.’ They DO, however want your free report.

If you DO create a newsletter, your blogs can part of it. Perhaps just the bullet points, like a “Top 10 ways to _____” and then send them to your blog for more information.
repurpose your content in seminars

A Free Gift when you are a guest presenter anywhere. Your job as a guest on someone else’s stage, whether is in person or on a webinar, is to give their listeners enough information that they also become YOUR listeners. Think about it. There are people in your industry that you follow, that you turn to, for information. How did you first learn about them? In some cases they were guest presenters that you chose to follow. We have two favorite gifts that we offer, and we will share them with you here. The first is a free 30-minute success call where we solve your challenges. The other one is a year’s worth of social media content that you can get at www.YourBonusGift.com. We invite you to collect one or both.

A webinar on the topic or part of a webinar. Over a dozen of our webinars have began as blog posts. The blog was the roadmap and all we had to do was create the slides. If you record the webinars like we do, then you have already created another way to repurpose your content.

Write an email about your blog with a link that brings them back to your website. This is a tactic we use EVERY week. If you are fortunate to be on our mailing list, you will know that we have new content. Free content. Free content that will definitely build your business if you pay attention.
repurpose your content in online courses

A video tutorial that is part of your online product. We have created a lot of videos based on our blog posts. Some of them have become part of The Small Business Marketing Plan that we offer on-line.

Sharing your stories. When we were guest presenters for The Promotional Products Association International national convention, one of the questions from the audience struck a chord. I had JUST the story that would answer that question in a very concise way. It had to do with boxer shorts, a bank and their advertisements. In this case, I used my 30+ years of owning a promotional product company to make our point.

When you interview thought leaders, clients and business experts on your podcast, you can take have the interviews transcribed and they become ready-made ways to repurpose your content. This is the easiest type of content to repurpose because it was the easiest to create. All you did was ask the right questions of your guest. Ok, so there is more to it than that, but it IS one of the most fun ways to create the content. We had guests on about a quarter of our 243 podcasts and when we changed the podcast to a view cast, The Marketing Checklist Viewcast, we changed the format to only include interviews of successful people. If you would like to be on our View Cast, just go to TheViewCast.com website, read the rules for being a guest and send us an email. We have shared this way to repurpose your content last because it is one that we have yet to do. Content creation has never been difficult for us, so we have not had to rely on this method. We estimate that we have two or three different books worth of content in our interviews.

– Here is one last repurpose idea that has to do with books that you have previously written. Create an updated edition. I was talking to a client that had published a book seven years ago. I asked him if his point of view had evolved since the publication of his book. He said there had been an evolution, but more importantly, he had more to say on the subject, but not necessarily enough new content for a new book. My next suggestion was that in the updated book, he could change the cover and add a photo of himself, since he was not on the original cover.

You can add information your book and issue and updated edition. Here are a five ways you can promote that new edition:

  • A Revised Edition with X pages of new content.
  • The 2022 (or whichever year it is) Edition
  • A New Edition with forward by ( add name of famous person you have connected with )
  • An Updated edition including an online workbook (you would add the link inside the book)
  • A New (or updated) Resources section added.

Here is a bonus for this last tip: While you are re-working your book, you can begin to promote it if you update the cover, first!

repurpose your content in seminars and social mediaYou began your successful business with a plan. As you’ve grown, your path now has many possible directions. How do you focus and decide on the best one to take? How do you focus on what content to create, how to repurpose your content and where to share it? That’s what we would like to do for you.

We would like to offer you a Free Marketing Consultation. Most small business owners, just like you, that take advantage of this conversation, report back that their 30-minute success call was worth at least $10,000 in increased sales and savings to their bottom line. Whether it is how to repurpose your content or any other marketing challenge that has you vexed, let’s begin our conversation by increasing your profits. Go now to www.FreeMarketingConsultation.com





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