15 Basic Marketing Tools You Will Want to Use – Part 3

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: To go along with this blog about Basic Marketing Tools, here is a video Sharyn and I did entitled “10 WOW Things You Can Do to Market Your Business.”

Monthly Marketing Morning - 10 WOW Tools Every Business Can Use

“What are the minimum kinds of basic marketing tools I need to be using?”

I have heard this question so very many times. And the usual answer began with “It Depends” because it varies by company. But there are a lot of tools which are universal to most businesses.

So the question has been percolating in my head for a while. And many of the basics have made themselves known throughout the writing of my last two books: “The Marketing Checklist… 80 Simple Ways to Master Your Marketing” and the to be released (June 2016) “The Marketing Checklist 2… 49 MORE Simple Ways to Master Your Marketing.”

So, what are the basics? In the last two blogs and my next two after this, I am going to take a look at The Basic 15, three at a time. If you want all 15, click on the video and watch all of them! You can also check out this topic on our radio show, The Marketing Checklist that has all of them as well.

BEFORE WE START – This is important: In order to use any of these Basic 15 Marketing Tools, you MUST have a VERY clear idea of who is your main target market and who is your secondary target markets. Failure to know your audience is going to make most of this an exercise in futility. I have written extensively on demographic targeting of your markets, so you should take a look for those blogs before you begin here.
Let’s get back to it with numbers 7 to 9


There are 3 different types of groups: Hard Networking, Soft Networking and Temporary.

Hard Networking groups meet very regularly, usually each week, and have restrictions limiting one type of business per category. If you find the right group, it can be an incredible way to build your business. Here is a very important point: There has to be a lot of members in the group, otherwise you end up spending your time building the group instead of being part of it. I STRONGLY suggest that if you join one, it should have at least 30 members. Over 40 is better. I was in one that had 80 and it was incredible. Remember that you are going to have to be constantly on the look out for leads for your fellow members. If you do not have the ability to generate these leads, you will not be a member for long.

Soft networking groups, are mostly like Chambers of Commerce. They are not restricted by category so you may be fighting competitors for business. The good part of this is that you are looking at 300 or 400 or more members, so there is a larger pool of business to draw from. Also – if you are awesome compared to your competitors, and you MUST be since you are reading my blog, a soft networking group can be of benefit.

Temporary groups, like the ones you can find on MeetUp.com. You can find groups which have the same interests as you and show up to network.


Either you should have a radio show, or become a guest on lots of them. If you have your own show (ours is on StarWorldwide.com) on an internet or a terrestrial radio station, people will hear your message on a consistent basis. In fact, if you do it as a pod cast, people will have more opportunities to hear you.

If you don’t want to have a radio show, you need to become a guest on a lot of them. That is going to take you a bit of work, but if you have a list of questions and the appropriate answers you can send to hosts, they will have a better chance of booking you.


IMG_20150309_0727181. The first 6 letters in the word AUTHORITY tell you why it is important: become the authority by being an author;

2. Having a book, or a series of books, makes you the AUTHORITY in your field; and

3. Your competitors will send a tri-fold brochure. You will send your 100 page book which describes your system. This literally carries more weight and 3rd party validation.

Would you like help with some of these basic marketing tools? Call me at 800-705-4265 FREEand let’s get you started down the right marketing path.

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