10 Ways to Improve Your Company Brochure

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“Can you send us a company brochure?”

Do you ever have a potential client say that? To me, they are doing one of two things.

ONE: They are very interested but need a little more information before they decide to buy; OR
TWO: They are not at ALL interested and are just putting you off.

If it is number one, we need to make it so awesome that it reinforces their buying decision.

But just in case it is number two, we need to make it so good that if they are in that category, they change their mind.

How are we going to get that job done?

If you have been paying attention to the Yuloff Creative Marketing Solutions protocol, you know that our first brochure priority would be to write a book, and in turn, use that as your brochure. That way the client can say they hired “the guy who wrote the book on the subject.”

Did I just put a huge wall in front of you? OK, let’s back up just a bit and get your more traditional company brochure done.

YesICAN.org draft 2017 brochure – what NOT to do

Here are some tips to make YOUR company brochure better than the average competitor going after the same business you are:

1. Promise me you will not use “stock photos.” Hire a professional photographer to get GREAT shots of you, your team and the things that represent your company. Worst thing that could happen is that you use the same photos as competitors.
These photos MUST let clients say “Oh, yea, that’s definitely me.”

2. I learned a very cool rule for when it came to photos: The 20% Rule. Make sure that the models in your photos are 20% younger, 20% better looking, and 20% better dressed than the people you are trying to attract. This is because that is how most people see themselves. For me, it would be a photo of Tom Hanks in That Thing You Do, George Clooney as Doug Ross in ER, or a taller Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Huh – better make that the 40% Rule for me.

3. In addition to photos, pay a graphic artist to come up with a great graphic for the cover.

4. If you use digital printing (that means you can do a one-off instead of printing 500 of your company brochure at a time and have them sit on a shelf for a year), you can personalize them for the person you are giving them to. Now, you might ask me, how do I do that with a book? Simple, I sign it!

5. Make sure you offer 3 possible problems that you solve and make yourself the answer to the challenge that the business is facing.

6. Along those lines, you can create a checklist to encourage engagement by asking “How many of these benefits do you think will be included when you work with us?” Of course, you check ALL the boxes.

7. All of our clients are different than their competitors. Our job is to help you focus on what those differences are and capitalize on them. For example, when companies work with Yuloff Creative, they get a team of experts. Most of our competitors are solopreneurs who cannot specialize on more than a couple of tactics. We easily double that number and together act as a mulitiplier. Point out what is different in your company.

8. You can also use a before/after comparison. Remember the Ad Council’s ‘This is Your Brain, This is Your Brain on Drugs’ ads? A very powerful metaphor like that can improve success greatly.

9. Add an offer. Make it so good that they would have to be an idiot to not take you up on it.

10. You don’t have to use an 8 ½ x 11” sheet of paper with two folds. There are LOTS of different shapes out there. Feel free to use them. By the way, that rule does not apply to business cards.


11. Don’t forget to test. See which offers work and continue them. See which photos work the best. See which details work the best.

Obviously there are lots of other details which come into play when designing your company brochure, but these will get you down the road to success. If you want help, give us a call at 800-705-4265, or send us your layout to info@YuloffCreative .com

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